Startup Incubation

Establishing a new company or division is no small task, and there are many risks involved especially in another country. We specialize in helping high technology companies establish operations quickly and efficiently. Our unique business model for business process outsourcing (BPO) makes it easy for companies to establish their own operation in Mexico while taking advantage of the cost savings and efficiencies that outsourcing offers.

Our Startup Incubation service helps you eliminate the risks and complexities of establishing a global operations center by providing ex-patriot location and support and other customized services that you might require.

Being in a startup or BPO incubation space enables a new operation to progress through the startup period and establish itself in the industry more easily. Our professional staff can help you establish your nearshore soft tech operation, staff it with highly-qualified employees, and integrate your business culture and industry best practices with our local culture so you can focus on meeting business goals. To date, we have helped companies that specialize in: