Help Desk &
Customer Support Operations

Providing excellent customer service and help desk support is a challenge for many companies. Finding customer service representatives (CSR) who are proficient with computers and can resolve a multitude of problems is difficult, and operational costs can add up when you factor overhead costs such as computers, software and sophisticated phone systems.

Many companies looked to outsourcing as a viable solution but found that it had many drawbacks. Businesses are now opting to expand their companies by nearshoring—establishing an office in Mexico because they can take advantage of lower operating costs and avoid problems that can occur with outsourcing service providers.

Our expert team helps you streamline the process of nearshoring your help desk and customer support operations in Mexico by managing all the details and logistics and minimizing the risk normally associated with establishing international business operations. There is no need to spend hours learning Spanish or familiarizing yourself with Mexican employment laws. You also do not need to lease office space, purchase furniture, equipment and supplies or hire employees. You simply tell us what you need and we set it up while you concentrate on running your company. These are some of the many advantages of nearshoring in Mexico.