Sonora Nearshore Location
& Infrastructure

Sonora Nearshore is located in the Obregon Technology Development Center, a state of the art facility that is custom-designed and built for high tech companies that are interested in outsourcing in Mexico. There are five buildings with 53,000 square feet planned for the first phase, and all land, infrastructure and facilities are in place for rapid growth as needed. Some of the campus features include:

  • Modular buildouts for easy custom configuration
  • 24/7 on-site security with gated access
  • Complete secure perimeter fencing and video surveillance
  • On-site cafeteria
  • Dedicated IT server space with temperature and humidity control
  • 300 KW on-site generator with 60KW UPS
  • Dual fiber-optic Internet feeds
  • Monitored building alarm
  • Proximity badge access

Sonora Nearshore is located in Ciudad Obregon, the second-largest city in Sonora, and is 510 miles from Phoenix and 398 miles from Tucson. It is a vibrant “college town,” home to over 500,000 people and features:

  • A modern power and fiber optic data infrastructure
  • 40 hotels (several 4 star)
  • 33 restaurants
  • 14 supermarkets
  • 8 hospitals (3 public and 5 private)
  • 18-hole golf course
  • Semi-professional baseball team
  • Nearby lake recreational area that offers world-class fishing

Ciudad Obregon is an ideal location for businesses interested in outsourcing in Mexico. It is located 40 minutes from the beaches and resorts of San Carlos. It enjoys a mild dry climate with an average annual temperature of 76 degrees and rainfall of 14.5 inches. And with its low crime rate, it is considered a very livable city and a safe place to raise a family. Established industries include textiles, electronic components, digital imaging, contact centers, telecommunication and software.

The area is home to six major public and private universities and four technical schools that graduate over 700 software engineers and technicians annually. English is taught in colleges and is spoken in most hotels and restaurants throughout the city.