Back Office

All businesses have back office operations such as customer service, technical support, billing and accounts receivable, and many are looking for ways to reduce overhead costs associated with these functions. In a recent study conducted by Deloitte, 59% of business owners said they were actively researching ways to reduce labor and operating costs.

Many companies have looked to outsourcing as a solution but found that it had many drawbacks. As a result, businesses are nearshoring back office operations—setting up an office in Mexico, because they benefit from lower operating costs and avoid problems that can occur with outsourcing.

Our experienced team helps you simplify the process of nearshoring your back office operations in Mexico by managing all the details and logistics and minimizing the risk normally associated with establishing international business operations. You do not need to become fluent in Spanish or become an expert in Mexican employment law. You also do not need to buy or rent a building or hire employees, and we take care of equipment and supplies. Rent space through us, tell us what you need to operate your business, and we take it from there while you concentrate on running your company. These are some of the many advantages of nearshoring back office operations in Mexico.